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Product Information

How can I get a copy of owner’s manual?
Click here to download user’s manual of Hercules Stands.
Is SFF (Special Formulated Foam) safe for Nitrocellulose lacquer finish?
HERCULES takes great pride in providing you with the highest quality and most trusted stands in the world. HERCULES had conducted numerous trials on our SFF foam and is pleased to conclude that the foam does NOT react with the large majority of popular instrument finishes on the market, including Nitrocellulose. These trials included subjecting an assortment of high end and budget friendly instruments on our variety of stands to punishing heat, bitter cold and common room temperatures for periods of up to six months without disruption.

However, each instrument manufacturer has their own formulation of Nitrocellulose, with varying proportions of the chemical agents involved. There are thousands of variations of lacquer in use in today’s instrument manufacturing processes, making it impossible to test them all. Therefore, to maintain the level of respect and support your valuable instrument deserves, we recommend you refer to your instrument's owner’s manual for more information regarding the proper storage of your instrument.
What is your fitting range of the auto grip system guitar stands?
The AGS yoke is designed to accommodate more guitar neck sizes from 40 mm – 52 mm (1.57”- 2.05”) including classic, acoustic, electric and bass guitars. All upgraded auto grip system guitar stands come with attached N.I.N.A. (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment), which are specially designed to increase the thickness of AGS arms to accommodate narrow neck instruments from min. 28 mm (1.10”) like banjos and mandolins. For specially designed instrument neck widths, we advise you to visit your local stores and try fitting your instrument to the stands.

Warranty Information

How do I get warranty service for my HERCULES Stands?
Click here to contact HERCULES local distributors for warranty service.

Where To Buy

Can I buy directly from HERCULES?
You can only purchase HERCULES through an Authorized HERCULES Dealer.
How can I find a retailer near me?
Click here to find HERCULES distributors for authorized dealers.
How can I find music stores that carry HERCULES products?
Click here to find HERCULES global distributors for authorized dealers.

Accessories, Parts, & Add-Ons

I had a part break, what do I do?
Please contact our global distrubutors where you purchased the product with all available details.

Artist Sponsorships

Who is on your artist roster?
For a complete list of HERCULES artists, click here.
Who should I talk to about an artist endorsement?
Thank you and we appreciate your interest in the HERCULES Artist Endorsement Program! We are thrilled to partner with talented influential artists from all genres and musical backgrounds. To start the process for consideration to become a HERCULES Artist, please email all information to hercules@khsmusic.com. Best wishes on your submission and in your music journey.

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