Raleigh Green


Artist Facts:

Nationality: USA
Artist Since:2012
Influences:John Coltrane | Jim Hall | Henry Kaiser
Favorite Car:Corvette
Mac or PC:Mac
iPhone or Android:iPhone
Favorite Type of Venue:Theatre
Favorite Things To Listen To:Experimental/Avant-garde | Jazz | Rock
What is most fun for your band:Improvisation
For me, music is:healthy for the soul.
Favorite or most inspirational place to write music:In the park, in the shade (on a sunny day).
What piece of music memorabilia do you wish you owned:Wes Montgomery's L5

Artist Bio:

Raleigh Green is an award-winning musician, educator, author, web developer and visual artist. He is known for his versatility as a freelance guitarist as well as his expertise as a seasoned music educator. In addition to performing and recording throughout New England, he is co-owner of Medford Music Studio, and has twenty years of professional teaching experience. Raleigh has taught at Phillips Exeter Academy, Phillips Andover Academy and the National Guitar Workshop.     Raleigh graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music, where he was the recipient of the B.E.S.T Scholarship, the Professional Music Award and the Quincy Jones Award. Raleigh also has a BFA from the University of Missouri with a focus in design, watercolor and computer-aided multimedia. Raleigh has studied with notable world-class musicians, including Charlie Banacos and Mick Goodrick.     Proficient in many styles of music,  Raleigh is the author of "The Guitar Style Resource" (Alfred Publishing) and “Guitar Altas: Jamaica” (Alfred Publishing). Raleigh builds creative web apps, makes eBooks for Mac and iPad, and is the developer of the fretArt scale visualizer (soon to be released).     Raleigh is proud to be an artist endorsee for Hercules stands, D'Addario Strings and Planet Waves cables.