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After the Lahaina fire that threatened lives and homes in August 2023, the Lahainaluna High School music program faced adversity with a resilient spirit. The tight-knit community, along with support from KHS America and other sources, played a crucial role in healing for young fire survivors.
Dan & Shay's Guitarist Izaac Burkhart, keen on crafting a studio conducive to creativity and collaboration, worked closely with Hercules Stands to bring his vision to life. Emphasizing a low-profile aesthetic that minimizes clutter, the overhaul included upgraded stands for his drum set, keyboard, guitar collection, desk space and vocal booth.
Hercules Stands has unveiled groundbreaking new products to provide Drum Set Setup Solutions, aimed at transforming the way drummers approach their performance environments. These additions result in a comprehensive range of microphone stand options and accessories, poised to elevate drumming experiences both on stage and in home studios.
Hercules Stands is thrilled to announce the launch of its Pro Series Microphone Stands and Adaptive Series Multi-Mount. These innovative products are designed to enhance microphone placement for musicians, offering convenience and versatility.
The Hercules BS020BB compact music stand is a lightweight option designed for home practice and live performance situations.
Rack’em up and Show’em off! The Hercules 5-Piece Guitar Rack with Expansion Packs allows you to showcase your collection while safely and securely storing 7 to 10 guitars. Visit one of the retailers below to have a stand delivered right to your home for free.
Hercules’ Keyboard Setup Solutions stands were each thoughtfully designed with the musician’s needs and comfort in mind. No matter how big the gig, or the size of the stage or home studio, Hercules provides everything needed to incorporate microphones, interfaces, laptops, devices, and other instruments to create the ultimate workstation to suit the player's needs.
The Hercules Adaptive Series smartphone and tablet holders are some of the most adjustable and robust device holders on the market. Simplistic, secure, and convenient, they can attach to various surfaces such as a table edge, round or square tube for hands-free ability to engage in your favorite recreational activities, tasks, and hobbies.
The Hercules DG Adaptive Series expands the line of the most secure and robust stands on the market. Perfect for podcasters, content creators, and musicians, the DG Adaptive Series includes four products - the Universal Podcast Mic & Camera Arm Stand, Smartphone Holder, 2-In-1 Tablet and Phone Holder, and Laptop Stand.