Artist Bio:

2009 was the 20th year anniversary and on February 14th they released their 14th album “Paradise Blue”. On August 8th 2009, the band hosted their festival “Tokyo Ska Jamboree” for the first time at Yamanaka lake.  The New York Ska-Jazz ensemble, See Spot and others gathered from all over the world.  8,000 ska fans gathered at Yamanaka lake and for the last session, all the performers got on stage with almost 80 performers playing together, making it a legendry music event.

Starting from a live show at Tokyo NHK hall on September 28th 2009, the band goes on a national tour titled “and PARADISE goes on...TOUR”.  On October 7th, their first single in 3 years “KinouKyouAshita” is released.  The drummer Kin-ichi Motegi sings as the lead vocalist.  The lyrics by Atsushi Yanaka shows the band’s attitutude towards yesterday, today and the future.

On January 27th 2010, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra collaborate on a single with Tamio Okuda. “Ryusei to Ballad” is released and their memorial album is released in March.  On March 27th 2010, the band performed a 20th year anniversary live show at the center stage of Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan followed by the live show on Tokyo Taiikukan on April 24th as a kick off performance for their 21st year anniversary.  Not ending at their 20th year anniversary, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra will keep running to a 21st year, 22nd year and so on.

They will host the festival Tokyo Ska Jamboree vol.2 on August 7th 2010.  Like last year, ska bands from all over the world will gather and it will be a day for ska music for the whole day long.