HERCULES is proud to welcome Jesse “Black” Liu - lead guitarist of Taiwanese oriental metal band CHTHONIC – to our roster of international endorsers.

CHTHONIC has received an overwhelming amount of positive press (frequently covered by eminent genre publications Terrorizer and Metal Hammer), and have performed as headliners in every major metal festival, including Wacken Open Air, Loud Park, and Download. Jesse’s hybrid virtuosity of harmonic, rhythmic aggression and blazing dexterity is a fundamental component of the band’s formidable international reputation for brutal, pounding riffs punctuated with melodic lines of eerie, almost ethereal beauty that draw heavily from traditional oriental musical idioms.

"Whether performing live or in the studio, with Hercules stands I know my instruments are in the safest of hands. The support and protection allows me to strive for perfection without any concern: I couldn't ask for a more perfect partner.

I am delighted to be recognised by Hercules as a spokesman and endorser. I have always been passionate about the brand, and have always designated its products on my rider for all my equipment needs. I have no hesitation in exclusively considering Hercules my only choice.”-Jesse “Black” Liu, CHTHONIC

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