Artist Bio

June is a professional session guitarist based in Seoul, Korea. June’s early music life began as early as seven when he first encountered a piano. Then he fell in love with guitar upon reaching the age of 16, and it let him to spend most of his days as a youth practicing techniques of world-famous guitar players. His passion for guitar, renewed with broadened interest in music, continued in his college education. There he explored numerous styles of music including blues, country, funk, rock, jazz and fusion, getting inspired by guitarists like Dan Huff, Michael Landau, David Gilmour, Allan Holdsworth, Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson and Guthrie Govan, and many others. These experiences served as a foundation for his music career in broadcasting, concerts, musicals, games and films. At the same time, he is a guitarist of rock band “MeV.” June also endorses Wildwood Guitar, a Korean guitar manufacturer that recently made him two unique signature electric guitars.