Hercules Stands Introduces the Most Versatile Guitar Stands


Hercules Stands are known worldwide for their high-quality and innovative musical instrument stand designs,have again re-defined what a guitar stand can be with their new “PLUS Series” stands. The innovative, re-designed and upgraded PLUS Series stands provide players with an increased level of security, dependability and versatility.

The groundbreaking features of the Plus Series stands are:

More Adaptable:
The upgraded AGS yoke is designed to fit a wider range of instrument necks,including from wider neckinstruments like classical guitars to narrow neck instruments like ukuleles, mandolins and banjos. The Plus series stands come with specially designed “N.I.N.A.” (Narrow Neck Instrument Adjustment) cuffsto ensure all instrument types are safely locked.

Enhanced Stability:
The re-imagined footpad of Hercules PLUS Series Guitar Stands maximize friction to better prevent sliding.

Smoother Adjustment:
The new “Instant Height Adjustment Clutch” allows for super quick, easy and secure positioning.

By elevating the safety standard on the new PLUS Series guitar stands, HERCULES just made the best even better!

HERCULES Plus Series stands are now available in 13 different styles to fit the needs of players, collectors and retailers alike:

SKU Description
GSP38WBPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripWall Mount Guitar Hanger w/Wood Base, Short Arm
GSP39SBPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGrip Slat Wall Guitar Hanger, Short Arm (with 16 mm Insertion)
GSP39WBPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripWall Mount Guitar Hanger with Steel Base, Short Arm
GSP40BPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripPegboard Guitar Hanger
GSP40HBPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripGrid Wall Guitar Hanger
GSP40SBPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripSlat Wall Guitar Hanger (with 16 mm Insertion)
GSP40WBPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripWall Mount Guitar Hanger
GS414BPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGrip Guitar Stand with Specially Formulated Material on Legs
GS412BPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGrip Guitar Stand with Foldable Backrest
GS415BPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGrip Guitar Stand with Foldable Yoke
GS422BPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripDuo Guitar Stand with Foldable Backrest
GS432BPLUS PLUS Series Universal AutoGripTriple Guitar Stand with Foldable Backrest
GS526BPLUS PLUS Series Universal 6-Piece Guitar AutoGripDisplay Stand
Full Series:

About Hercules Stands
Every stand symbolizes a solution; inspired by musicians like you, from all over the world, to give your instrument the respectful rest it deserves. Ground-breaking development, refined construction and industry leading function are the three guiding principles of HERCULES STANDS.These principles guide our design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and worldwide distribution. On stage, in the studio or at home… HERCULES Stands for Trust.

Title:Hercules AGS PLUS Series guitar stands and hangers featuresDescription:The new "PLUS Series" is the next evolution in Hercules design ingenuity offering smoother adjustments and greater adaptability while enhancing overall strength and stability. We made the best better!